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Underground Utility Locating

Nadeau Land Surveys also provides utility locating services under the name of AAB (Above And Below) Utility Locating. Our business model is unique among all of our competitors. Upon completion of research and the marking of the utility, we are able to field locate the utility for safety purposes, provide long term data storage, and meet municipal as-built survey requirements. We can do this accurately and efficiently through the implementation of our survey grade Global Positioning System (GPS) and our Geographic Information System (GIS). If needed weeks, or even years from now, we could relocate the same line either from survey stakeout or with the aid of our Radiodetection RD8000. In 2009, in an effort to raise our skill level in utility location, I obtained a Certificate of Locating Competency from Casper College in Wyoming.

Our goal is to provide peace of mind to home owners, contractors, excavators, site planners, engineers, and developers. We strive to protect our customers from costly damage and the dangers associated with ground excavating. Call if you would like to discuss our services in more detail.